Build richer products and experiences that push the boundaries of what NFTs can do. We're creating tools any developer can pick up to integrate NFTs into their products with or without extensive blockchain or smart contract knowledge.

Just Dropped

Marketplace Widgets

A framework agnostic widget library for building flexibile marketplace experiences for listings created with Manifold Gallery and our on-chain marketplace contract.

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New and Improved

Shopify Merch Bridge

Create token-gated experiences on your Shopify store to reward collectors with exclusive discounts and product access. Trusted by top artists and brands like Steve Aoki, Doodles, MetaZoo Games, KITH, The Hundreds and more.

Connect Widget

A simple and foolproof way to add a "Connect Wallet" button to your project, authenticate users, and leverage our Data APIs for querying NFT data to build customized collector experiences.

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